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Josef Finkelshteyn 

(1913 - 2007) 

Mark Finkelshteyn

(1909 - 1998)

Mark Finkelshteyn

 IN BESIEGED LENINGRAD: I started to write my memoirs describing the siege of  Leningrad. The years are passing so quickly. The people - who knew, who watched, who lived that time - are gone every year. I would like to remain people the tragic true Leningrad’s history. On January 1994 my memoirs were published in the New York's newspaper. 

  I have received a lot of letters from my readers. Dear Mark – wrote Sonia Fridmun, the emigrant from Ukraine.  I have red your story; more accurately - I’ve been red , because I am blind. We were listening it with bated breath. It is  a real truly story.

Later this story became a  part of the Mark Finkelshteyn book: "My Years - My Treasures - memoirs (in Russian). Effect Publishing Inc., New York 1999.

Josef Finkelshteyn

THE GREAT BATTLE HAS BEGUN: It is said there is little food in Leningrad's stores. A lot of people are dying from starvation. They are being burned in common graves, some in bags some not. There is no wood for coffins. A lot of people have died right on the street. The burial patrol picks them up in the morning and takes them to a common cemetery.         

THE FESTIVE FIREWORK: "'These bastards learned enough! I'll teach them a lesson!'' said the captain climbed into a nearby friendly bunker and began firing a large caliber machine gun into the German positions. The Germens answered immediately. After short period of time the fire expanded up and down the front. The Germans shot flares on parachutes over our ravine. It grew as bright as noontime.

THE VICTORY: By that evening, no one could safely stand on his own two feet. Guns fired everywhere. Green and red tracer bullets crossed the sky. One could think it was a battle, but it was the peace celebration. The world and all around me were drunk with wine and the knowledge that at long last it was all over. It was the VICTORY! 

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